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Who I am and my story…


My name is Silvia and I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher and trainer with 8 years of experience in Italy, England, and France.

I have a legal and business background, as at university I studied law, international management and marketing, but foreign languages were my first love, I always felt excited about learning and speaking English or French, and later Italian.

While travelling to Europe in my twenties I’ve realized that when speaking English there were no boundaries! I could talk with all sorts of people! I felt free and fortunate!

Later in 2011, I was living in Italy when my friend, who was an English teacher herself, told me about the Cambridge CELTA course (Certificate for English Teaching to Adults). I suddenly had the opportunity to teach something I had always been passionate about, so I felt there was no other career for me than being a teacher!

So I started teaching English in 2011 in Italy, the same year I got the Cambridge CELTA certification and it was so fun! A lot of work, but fun!

Ever since many things changed, my husband and I decided to move from Italy to the French Riviera, and this is where we are living at the moment. Now I teach English to French students, I am learning French and it’s been great so far!

More on my teaching experience

In Italy, I worked for a great Cambridge teaching and training centre which was part of the worldwide International House group, where I earned a lot of experience and met some of the nicest people: students, fellow teachers and friends!

I taught courses to children, teenagers and adults, in private and public schools, I prepared students for Cambridge exams, IELTS and in 2017 I specialised in business English, as a way to put my legal and business background to good use.

Being part of a Cambridge preparation centre meant constant training opportunities, a high standard of teaching and the chance to become part of the assessment system; so in 2015 I became a Cambridge Speaking Examiner for oral exams.

In France, I currently teach general English and business courses and during my general English lessons, I like to focus a lot on speaking, pronunciation and intonation, as many of my students are worried about their accent and pronunciation.

What do you struggle with? If you want to get help with your English, I’d love to hear from you! Write about it in the form below and I’ll write a post and give an inspired solution to it! 😉

Thanks for reading!


Please contact me for any reason; I love receiving messages and answering questions!

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